04 March 2010


With some motivation from Diane, I've begun--well attempted to begin a "raw-til-dinner" diet. How's it going? It's going. It's so much harder than I thought.
Not only am I trying to eat raw, I'm trying to take on a "raw" perspective on life. I don't really feel like getting into too much detail right now (mainly because I really wanna continue reading- Shutter Island) but maybe I will later. Main point is, I need to stay true to myself...completely.
Onto what's most exciting in my life right now: SHUTTER ISLAND. I am so in love with this book. I really wish I had more time to read. And I'm dying because I don't have a bedside lamp in my room at my parent's house so I can't really read in bed like I love doing. I guess I could stop being a lump and move the lamp on my armoire but yuck, thinking about all those chords makes me sick.
All for now.


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